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Haunted nights for halcyon days
Can't sleep to the scraping of his voice
Nature's way struck grief in me
And I became a ghost in sickness

Willingly guided into heresy
Beneath the surface, stark emptiness
And you'd pity my conviction
Whereas I thought of myself as a leader

Lucky Seven Dreads
Lucky Seven Productions

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what if you were holding a puppy and being like “aw whos the cutest wittle puppy in the whole wide world?” it responded in a grown mans voice just like “i am the cutest puppy in the whole wide world”


(via you-old-fart)

Anonymous: What's it like being the most beautiful raver around?

This kind of question genuinely perplexes me for a couple of reasons - Primarily because I think there are soo many more striking folks in the EDM/Rave/Jungle/DNB community (local and abroad) - but also because I haven’t necessarily personally identified as a raver since I was in my late teens. 

BUT thank you for your compliment, Anonymous tumblr user with marvelous sunglasses. I answer your question with a question?